What Kind Of $1000 Loans Are Available For People With Bad Credit?

Different lenders view existing credit problems of borrowers differently. Some would not approve applicants for a 1000 payday loan when their credit scores fall below a certain number. While other providers would not put too much weight on credit score in their lending decision. Nonetheless, there are quite a few different types of consumer financing to suit the various needs of U.S. consumers nowadays.

Most common bad credit loans available online are (the first two types can be found via 700DollarPaydayLoans.com):

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1000 Payday loan
Loan amount : low ($500 or less)
Loan tenure : short (1 to 2 weeks)
Repayment : full payment on fixed day (next pay day)
Credit check : yes
Collateral requirement : no
Approval success rate : high
Must have : proof of income
Interest rate : high...